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Click Below For IRLP Node #3385 Status

Node #3385 is now linked to EchoLink via EchoIRLP. To activate connect to IRLP node #3385 and enter #1 plus the EchoLink node or conference number desired

K0WL now hosts and maintains EchoLink conference *MID-USA*, EchoLink #589964

IRLP reflector 0089 is a one channel reflector. To connect, simply dial the four digit number on your IRLP node. But first, make sure you have the following statement in the environment file of your IRLP node computer.



K0WL exp0089

Experimental reflector 0089 is a single channel open public reflector owned and managed by K0WL. Feel free to link your node or repeater, chat, or start a net.

K0WL stn3385

Node 3385 is owned by K0WL and is an open node accessed by web or RF on 147.510 MHz, ctcss 103.5.

This node can now access EchoLink via the EchoIRLP bridge. To use connect to IRLP node 3385 and enter #1 plus the EchoLink node or conference number desired.

IRLP Status Information

EchoLink Conference *MID-USA* is an open conference. Feel free to connect and chat, or use the conference for your net. *MID-USA* is conference #589964.

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